Corporacion Habanos, S.A. (Habanos) is Back … Now Seeking Cancellation of MONSENOR DE LA HABANA

Four days before Thompson & Co. of Tampa, Inc.’s federal trademark registration for “MONSENOR DE LA HABANA” was to become eligible to be “incontestable,” Habanos filed a cancellation proceeding at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. This is just another effort by Habanos to clear the way for the US market if and when the political situation changes. The grounds for the opposition are straight out of counsel for Habanos’ playbook (see Guantanamera, Havana Club, Havana Collection, et al.) It boggles the mind how Habanos could be harmed by the continued registration of this trademark nearly five years after registration. It further boggles the mind how Habanos can claim superior rights in a completely unrelated mark as plead in the opposition.

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