May 20th Event at D. Rodriguez Cuba on South Beach

Join Cigarsnob, Palo!, and The Cuban Tradition Cigar Group – La Caridad del Cobre Cigars, La Tradicion Cubana, Casa Gomez Cigars, Havana Sunrise Cigars

May 16, 2010 — In celebration of May 20th, Cuban Independence Day, Celebrity Chef Douglas Rodriguez & PALO! invite you to…

PALO! 20 de Mayo Bash @ D. Rodriguez Cuba.

6-8PM: Enjoy complimentary cigars courtesy La Caridad Del Cobre Cigars and Cigar Snob Magazine

Enjoy complimentary tapas and drink specials courtesy D. Rodriguez Cuba

8pm PALO! serves up their hot, delicious blend of Afro-Cuban, Funk and jazz.

Debut of the special Thursday PALO! menu featuring new, innovative recipes by Chef Douglas Rodriguez, the Godfather of Nuevo Latino Cuisine.

Premier of the PALO! video “La Habana Buena” & meet director Rubén Abruña.

You may win a free box of La Caridad Del Cobre Cigars, La Tradicion Cubana Cigars, Jameson Cigars, Casa Gomez Cigars, Havana Sunrise Cigars or a free PALO! t-shirt or CD!


Reservations strongly suggested: call (305) 673-3763

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