If you claim that your cigars are “made from Cuban seed” or otherwise have some element of Cuban tobacco in them …. and you register a trademark that looks, smells, harks to, suggests, or otherwise calls to mind Cuba … then Corporacion Habanos and/or Cubatabaco will come after you at the Trademark Office (not necessarily in federal court). Why should you care? Just take a look at this motion to compel filed by counsel for Corporacion Habanos/Cubatabaco … It reads like a trial brief. If you are going to tangle with them, buckle up. I’ve been doing it on another case for at least eight years. Many of those years I was the only one tangling with them. Now others in the cigar industry are getting a taste of this. Oh, and if you have a trademark registered in Cuba (its possible), you should check on it. The Cubans have been filing cancellation proceedings against some US company trademarks registered in Cuba. You may or may not know about it until it is too late.


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