No Mom, the COHIBA Case Is Not Over Yet.

In February, the United States Supreme Court declined to hear a request that it hear an appeal from General Cigar on the Federal Circuit’s ruling in favor of Empresa Cubana (aka Cuba Tobacco). This does not mean, contrary to the many, many, many media (old media and new) headlines that “the Supreme Court gave a final victory to Cuba in the Cohiba case.” I shake my head each time I read this, and think “well, it is a confusing case so I can understand the public’s confusion.” Today, my mom called me to inform me that the Spanish language news reported that Cuba ultimately prevailed in the Cohiba case. Worse still, she thought that it was my case (“GUANTANAMERA”) and she was calling to ask why I didn’t tell her before the news. Ah, Cuban moms ….

In any event, here is Cuba Tobacco’s recent filing in the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board requesting that the proceedings be resumed. The embargo may be lifted before there is an ultimate decision on this matter. In the meantime, the general public has no idea who owns COHIBA.

One Comment

  1. ……………well you got all that going for you

    actually nothing will be settled between CUBA and the world in general and America specifically for quite some time – IF EVER – and moreover, if EINSTEIN were alive today he would certainly confirm there is a THIRD dimension – CUBAN TIME

    otherwise hope to cross paths with you again sometime at a CIGAR BAR event



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