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BANG BANG Cancellation

As an aside [and therefore completely unrelated to this pleading], the attorney Oliver Ruiz referenced in paragraph 5 of the petition was a good friend of mine in law school.

Ten Classic Knucklehead Moves Made By New Cigar Brand Owners (in no particular order)

  1. They don’t effectively research their brand/vitola names before launching which leads to a weak brand and future trademark disputes.
  2. They believe that their Social Media audience accounts for a large percentage of their customer base (or possible customer base).
  3. They open too many stores too quickly and are soon unable to provide the first stores with stock when they need the stock.  This, in turn, causes them to lose the support of the first few store that picked up the brand and sets them up to be an unreliable/sketchy company.
  4. Desperate to open new stores they soon discover that they are chasing delinquent accounts.
  5. They think that attending IPCPR for the first time (or 2nd, 3rd, or 4th) will result in a tsunami wave of product orders and instant fame.
  6. They believe that Cigar Aficionado gives a shit about them (or soon will).
  7. They have no idea of what the price and flavor profile sweet spot should be to be competitive in the marketplace.
  8. They bad-mouth others in the industry not realizing that this is a small industry with a wicked karma backlash.
  9. They hire knuckleheads as sales representatives that do more harm to their brand then good.
  10. As to those without their own production system, they pay too much for their product from the factory.